Students Try to Make School's Heating More Energy Efficient
Four students in this year's Design-and-Build class hope to reduce the school's carbon footprint through improved insulation and other measures.

By Isaac Supernovich, The Tigers' Print, Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury, VT - 12/1/11

Is Recycling a Hoax?
Recycling benefits the environment by keeping dangerous materials out of landfills and thus, out of the environment. In addition, it takes less energy to recycle a can of aluminum than to get a new one from raw materials.

By Anna Jamison, The Achaean Times, Herron High School, Indianapolis, IN - 11/20/11

Communities Come Together to Help the Environment
Tips for some students to recycle more are to reduce using waste, recycle all recyclables, and encourage others on how important it is to recycle.

By Ocianna Gregg, The Chronicle @ Kettle Run, Kettle Run High School, Nokesville, VA - 11/18/11

Filmmaker Tells Negative Side of 'Fracking' Shale for Gas
Gasland is a documentary film about people who say they've experienced the negative side of hydraulic fracturing, a process of removing natural gas or oil from underground rock by drilling into the earth.

By Edward Francois , YC Teen, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 9/4/11

New Bill Aims to Reduce Waste While Raising State Funds
If only 10 percent of Americans bought products with less plastic packaging 10 percent of the time, approximately 144 million pounds of plastic could be eliminated from our landfills. Over 1.5 million barrels of oil were consumed to make plastic bottles consumed in the United States last year not including the petroleum used to transport them.

By Mari Quiroz, Eastside Times, Eastside Memorial High School, Austin, TX - 5/19/11

Class Project Promotes Recycling
Three McKinley High School seniors decided to distribute recycling bins throughout campus to increase recycling awareness.

By Stacia Mahi, The Pinion, McKinley High School, Honolulu, HI - 4/8/11

Pollution Among Environmental Issues That Concern Teens
Sixty percent of teens surveyed either didn't really know about any environmental issues or didn't care. However, there were a few students who were passionate about some issues, and they discussed their concerns.

By Lindsey Hanks, Flipside, St. Albans High School, St. Albans, WV - 2/4/11

School Launches Project for Wind Turbine
Wind power is a type of alternative energy that Mona Shores High School will be harnessing in the near future. A Shores senior got a WT 6500 Honeywell wind turbine from WindTronics for the school's roof.

By Scott Adams, The Sailors' Log, Mona Shores High School, Norton Shores, MI - 2/1/11

Recycling: Saving Earth and Money
If schools recycled they could save a lot of money every year, and use that money for something beneficial. Not only would they be saving money but they would be saving the Earth.

By Ashley Carr, En Garde, Greenup County High School, Greenup, KY - 11/11/10

Going Green
Kermit the frog once said, 'It's not easy being green,' but not everyone would agree with that statement. In the past few years the word 'green' has taken up a new meaning.

By Emily , Cougar News, Mount Mansfield Union High School, Jericho, VT - 10/1/10

Greed May Trump the Environment
The movement to suspend the emissions law is like the oil barons and the electric honchos saying, 'Screw the environment, we want to be rich now.'

By Drew Muller, Reality, The Intelligencer, , Horsham, PA - 9/23/10

GCRL Seeks Oil-Spill Answers
Scientists at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory have come to the conclusion that oil, dispersants, and vibrio bacteria combined, could serve as leap forward into recovering the Gulf of Mexico.

By Ashle Longino, Lauren Taggart and Alex Washington, Summer Times, High School Journalism Workshop, Hattiesburg, MS - 6/10/10

Kentucky Town Suffers Extensive Flooding
Like most unpredictable Kentucky weather, the recent flooding of Danville was gone as unexpectedly as it came.

By Manda Peavyhouse, The Log, Danville High School, Danville, KY - 5/27/10

Green Careers Surfacing for Students
In an effort to motivate students into considering environmentally friendly career paths, Heritage FBLA members took it upon themselves to organize a Green Career Fair.

By McKenna Hoecherl, The Howler, Heritage High School, Vancouver, WA - 2/23/10

Grass Roots Organizations Challenge Industrial Development
Toxic Release Inventory data showed that Louisiana ranked second in the nation for total factory onsite releases, producing 9.42 billion pounds of waste.

By Alexandra Foerstner, Irish Eyes, Grace King High School, Metarie, LA - 2/2/10

Six Ways Teens Destroy the Earth
Today, teens believe nuclear waste and exhaust from large factories are the only things killing earth. In reality, it's the little things we do that has the greatest impact on our planet.

By Trisha Bantigu, Southwest Shadow, Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas, NV - 2/1/10

Save The Whales?
The National Marine Fisheries Service believes that the Cook Inlet's beluga whales should have a human intervention, because of their region exclusivity and their rapidly declining numbers. This seems like a worthy cause until you consider the effect it will have on Alaskans.

By Zachary Layton, Pegasus, Chugiak High School, Eagle River, AK - 1/21/10

Governor's Cabinet Discusses Galena's Environment and Energy
Cabinet members from Gov. Parnell's administration came to Galena in November to discuss energy use and conservation and the possibility of having Galena on the road system.

By Sherri Kessner, Hawk Highlights, Galena Interior Learning Academy/Sidney C. Huntington School, Galena, AK - 1/21/10

New Plastic Restrictions in Effect for Coast
Next time you walk into the local Wal-Mart or a grocery store on the Outer Banks, make sure you are carrying your recyclable bags. Otherwise, you will walk out carrying handle-free paper bags.

By Amulya Uppalapati, Nighthawk News, First Flight High School, Kill Devil Hills, NC - 10/26/09

Renting a Christmas Tree is an Environmental Bonus
A new organization in Los Angeles, The Living Christmas Company, is offering a unique way to purchase a Christmas tree.

By Shayna Powless, Eye of the Tiger, Roseville High School, Roseville, CA - 12/14/09