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Teens Usually Choose Parents' Political Party
If children and teens are exposed to politics, but aren't supposed to talk about them, how do they choose their political party once they're able to vote? Most often, they simply choose the party their parents are affiliated with.

By Shannon Deery, Flipside, Herbert Hoover High School, Charleston, WV - 5/20/11

Teens Have Many Options for News in the Information Age
In today's society, there are more ways than ever before to get our news. No longer is the only option to kick back in a lounge chair and unfold the daily newspaper.

By Sam Godby, Flipside, St. Albans High School, St. Albans, WV - 4/8/11

Denying Gay Marriage is Discrimination
Our country was built on the idea of equal treatment for both the majority and minority. The prohibition of same sex marriage is in direct violation of this ideal.

By Emily Gould, Flipside, Charleston Catholic High School, Charleston, WV - 2/4/11

Pollution Among Environmental Issues That Concern Teens
Sixty percent of teens surveyed either didn't really know about any environmental issues or didn't care. However, there were a few students who were passionate about some issues, and they discussed their concerns.

By Lindsey Hanks, Flipside, St. Albans High School, St. Albans, WV - 2/4/11

The Death Penalty Doesn't Work
The facts also do not show that capital punishment discourages crime. There is also no evidence to support the argument that it costs more money to keep people in prison for life than it does to kill them.

By Katherine Hensley, Flipside, Charleston Catholic High School, Charleston, WV - 11/5/10

Some Educators Encouraging Groups of Friends Over One Best Friend
While teens acknowledge the good intentions of this theory, most favor its opposition: best friends are important in life.

By Renata Di Gregorio, Flipside, George Washington High School, Charleston, WV - 9/3/10

REACH Helps Sexual-Assault Victims Heal, Works to End Sexual Violence
Victims of sexual assault may feel as though they are completely alone in the world - but they are not. It is important to know that recovery is possible, and there are services and organizations available to aid in this recovery.

By Samantha McCoy, Flipside, West Virginia Gazette, St. Albans, WV - 6/11/10

'Teen Moms' Reveals Challenges
Each episode of 'Teen Moms' reveals the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face such as marriage, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, graduating high school, starting college, getting a job, and the steps of moving out to create their own families.

By Ashley Hawkingberry, Bear Facts, Oak Glen High School, New Cumberland, WV - 2/1/10

There Can Only Be 'Us'
Bottom line: 'There is no 'they.' There is no 'we.' There can only be 'us'. Democrats and Republicans didn't form this country. Americans did. And that's the way we need to look at each other if we want to progress.

By Bishop Nash, Flipside, Cabell Midland High School, Ona, WV - 11/5/09